For current and active members, please log into the portal for info.

For retirees and former member of 1734/employees of YRDSB, please see the following:

Who will be receiving the retro payments for Bill 124?
The retroactive payments will apply to Ministry of Education funded positions: ETFO teachers, OSSTF teachers, PSSP employees and CUPE employees who were actively employed with York Region District School Board during the 2019-20 to 2021-22 school years.

Retroactive payment for former employees will be mailed to the most recent address on file.

What is the amount of the retroactive payment?
As per the Ministry of Education, the agreed upon incremental annual rates are as follows:
September 1, 2019: 0.75% (2019-20 school year)
September 1, 2020: 0.75% (2020-21 school year)
September 1, 2021: 2.75% (2021-22 school year)
These percentages will be added to the existing salary rates during that period. Please note annual increases are compounded and will be reflected in future salary grids.

If an employee was on an approved leave of absence during the defined retroactive period, will they receive a payment?
Employees on an unpaid leave of absence (ie: legislative or general leave) during the eligible period will not receive a retroactive payment for the period they were unpaid by the board.

Will employees currently on leave receive the retroactive payment?
If an employee was eligible to receive the retroactive payment they will receive the payment by June 8, 2024.

Will a revised T4 be issued for each year of the retro payments?
No, you will not be issued a revised T4. The retroactive payments will be reported on your next T4 for the 2024 earning year.

What deductions will be taken from this payment?
All regular deductions will be applied to the retroactive payment including applicable federation/union fees, long term disability, pension and statutory deductions for all current or former employees.

How do I check my address on file with the Board?
Current employees can verify the address on file by viewing their address on their pay statement. Employees should not complete an address change form unless they have a change of address.
Former employees that have had an address change since they were actively employed with YRDSB may contact or send an email to to receive the appropriate form to complete. The completed form should be emailed to
All changes should be received by April 26, 2024 to ensure the information is updated for the retroactive payment

How do I change my banking information?
Former employees are not required to provide any bank changes. The remedy payment will be processed as a cheque and mailed to the current address on file with the Board. If you have an address change please contact your union or send an email to to receive the appropriate form to complete the address change.